Pierre Robert Group (PRG) owns the Pierre Robert and La Mote in addition to the newly acquired Finnish brands Norlyn, Black Horse, Finnwear and Amar.

PRG develops basic garments for women, men and children. We believe in the perfect combination of comfort and style. With crisp, clean designs we draw inspiration from the Nordic way of life, and all our clothes are designed by our design team in Oslo.

We emphasize quality throughout the supply chain, and work closely with our suppliers to secure ethical, social and environmental principles, and high standards of product quality.
With our expertise and strong brands, we will contribute to growth and profitability of the Nordic grocery industry.

Pierre Robert Group is a part of the group Orkla, under the business unit Orkla Home and Personal. We have offices in Stockholm and Helsinki, and our headquarter are in Oslo.


We believe in sustainability, and have committed to ethical, social and environmental standards. There are many, complex challenges in the textile industry, but we strive to be transparent and responsible. Corporate social responsibility is a cornerstone of our values and an important basis of Pierre Robert's business platform.

Want to know more about our CSR standards? Send an email to our CSR Manager CSR@pierrerobert.no